At a glance


Spencer is a leading construction company that offers innovative solutions for the interiors supplying and fitting

of Cruise ships & Yachts, Offshore & Tech and Real Estate. Spencer offers a wide range of services, assisting the client throughout the entire project, from detailed shop drawings to turnkey installation, along with follow up and maintenance.



Spencer Contract expertise grants complete construction

of projects worldwide in mainly four professional construction divisions:

Cruise ships & Yachts, Offshore & Mechanical and Real Estate.

Commitment, attention to details, flexibility and maximum con­centration are Spencer’s key traits

to match customer’s expectations.

Spencer was accredited for Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) applied to execution, design, construction, installation and commissioning projects.



Spencer has an impeccable credit history and is serviced in first-class Italian and foreign banks.

Positive dynamics of key business indicators and a strong financial position allow to rely on own financial resources,

as well as, if required, to provide bank guarantees in order to ensure continuity of any project.

In 2017, Spencer’s revenues will exceed 41 millions euros, revealing a financial robust situation.

Today Spencer can rely on an actual order book of approximately 230 million € up to 2022.

Global Presence

Trignac (France)

Genoa - Milan - Venice (Italy)

Papenburg (Germany)

Headquarters in Genoa, registered office in Milan and several operational offices in Venice (Italy), Trignac (France)

and recently in Westoverledingen (Germany)

grant Spencer the opportunity to install teams and operational structures worldwide.

Project & Supply Management

Spencer Contract Project Management assures the best execution of projects; establishing for each task a selected team

of Engineers, Purchase Responsibles and Project Managers to coordinate with the on site teams of Director of operations,

Logistics Managers and Foremen. Our best technicians across the globe are in the project since the preliminary analysis phase and constantly in alignment with the clients needs.


Spencer Contract Supply Chain Management assures that all best materials required for the project are fabricated

and manufactured by qualified suppliers and timely shipped/delivered/installed to the site in a constant cost-opportunity logic and according to precise specifications and timetables.

Logistic Manager



Director of Site Operation

Subcontract suppliers and technicians

Project executive

Project Management



Our Promise

Spencer Contract - Our Promise

In the last 20 years Spencer has carried out

construction projects and crafted high end interiors for hotels,

restaurants, boutiques,

auditoriums, cruise liners, offices and residential properties.


This excellence in turnkey specialization lies in thorough

planning, consulting, prototyping, execution and inspection

of special facilities solutions for any project undertaken.


The long tradition in the marine industry has taught Spencer

to successfully master handcrafts from start to finish,

and this legacy endorses Spencer excellence

in undertaking construction project

also in land, from the engineering to prototyping,

from  inception to aftercare.


Spencer Contract - Approach

Our workforce and processes are optimally equipped to meet all aspects of new building, refurbishment or maintenance of Cruise ships, Yachts, Offshore & Tech and Real Estate.

Our workforce of technical engineers, Project Managers and foremen across the globe

is equipped to handle increasing complex projects and industry demands.

Our structure grants thorough and complete support in all operation phases,

from planning to execution.


We offer to assist clients with our know-how in Budget Development, Cost Analysis and Value Engineering providing pre-contractual advice on layout, weights and budget estimation for the feasibility study.

We develop individual solutions and tailor-made applications

in constant alignment with the customer.

In doing so, we consistently focus on quality and project management as well as health, safety and environmental aspects.

In order to ensure smooth installation, we provide our clients

with all the necessary documentation too.

This eliminates information loss and ensures a seamless process from design to installation.


   Pre-contractual services

   Draft and detailed design

   Planning and development

   Material supply

   Assembly and installation


Engineering Value

Spencer Contract - Engineering Value

An accurate Engineering study prior to any project realization

is a a crucial step of our work and it involves planning, designing, managing and lastly constructing infrastructures.


The Engineering of construction projects requires

specialized engineering skills along with the knowledge

and practical experience of management.

At Spencer we provide Engineering services together

with our subsidiary “Cruise Service” applying business science,

management and engineering

to the advancement of any projects carried out.


Our specialized teams of engineers and project managers

participate in the all phases of design, quality control,

cost estimation, materials procurement, planning, scheduling

and budgeting, appreciating both the design aspect

as well as building requirements.

Cruise Service subsidiary

Cruise Service - our subsidiary company - is specialized in Global Consulting, Engineering

and Construction Expertise to Every Project.


Cruise Service can grant new and innovative ideas to all of our projects by sharing proven solutions of years of expertise:

a superior service and responsiveness, using clear strategies to reduce risk and leave behind innovative,

flexible cost-effective solutions that meet and exceed expectations, using partnering principles.


Together, we operate as a global, full-service consulting, engineering and construction company,

with the breadth of capabilities, professional talent, universal reach and capital necessary

to offer our clients fully integrated services that set new standards in quality, value, timeliness and cost-efficiency.

Retail & Boutiques

Spencer Contract - Retail & Boutiques

With over thirty years of experience,

Spencer comprises loyal and talented craftsmen

with vast knowledge and expertise.


Spencer Contract operates with motivated, dedicated

and enterprising professionals

in collaboration with general contractors to realize

and restructuring projects

and new openings in the field of luxury retail worldwide.


Spencer goal is to be a partner with our clients

and work hand in hand

with the project designers and architects

in order to deliver better results with high-end finishes

through a seamless process

that provides our clients with benefits of our expertise.


Spencer Contract - Residential

Spencer’s Realization includes some

of the most prestigious homes and residential properties

of global reputation.


We have had the great fortune to work effectively

and collaboratively with many of the most highly respected architects and designers in the region.


Our dedication to the high quality realizations has led us

to long-lasting client relationships, and working within

a broad range of architectural forms including classical,

contemporary and period restoration has given us the wealth

of knowledge all of our clients deserve.


Our passion,

integrity and commitment to the details of workmanship

have enhanced our reputation as Italy’s finest.


Spencer Contract - Auditoriums

Spencer’s Realization includes several prestigious auditoriums

of impeccable standing.


Auditoriums require particular engineering skills.

The construction process needs to be timed precisely

to ensure accessibility throughout the entire period,

and to make sure that the many contractors

in the space and surrounding areas

don’t get in each other’s way.

Spencer is in charge of coordinating all this,

in charge of the overall management responsible

for on-site construction management.


Our task is to supervise all construction processes

and make sure that the final planning of the architect

and the specialists is implemented

on site in line with the prescribed deadlines, costs

and quality standards.

Hotels & Restaurants

Spencer Contract - Hotels & Restaurants

Over the last 20 years,

Spencer has been involved in the construction

and development of several lodging areas,

as hotel lounges, spas and restaurants.


We take an unyielding approach to delivering on time

and within budget,

and our project managers and teams

are consistently lauded for our ability to work closely

with tenant reps

and business owners towards the same goal:

build a quality product and create inherent value for our client.

SPA & Fitness

Spencer Contract - SPA & Fitness

We operate with a number of clients for a full integrated service

offer for the delivery of SPAs and Health center projects,

where we manage all aspects of the project

from inception to aftercare.


This approach reduces the burden and stress on a client,

as Spencer act as the process manager integrating all aspects

of the process,

effectively being the clients in-house constructor.


Spencer has a long history with this type of construction.

From large, facilities to small intimate spaces,

a health club involves many types of construction

as Interior and exterior pools/spas, saunas, large shower

and locker rooms.

Cruise Liners & Yachts

Spencer Contract - Cruise Liners & Yachts

The marine industry is rich in tradition, yet modern,

technologically challenging and very progressive.


Spencer legacy the best manufacturing and engineering

abilities to success these challenges.


Throughout three decades of experience in this sector

and with over 50 Yachts & Vessel delivered,

Spencer Cruise liners and Yachts division

became a benchmark for the sector New Build.


Working closely with the yacht builders, architects,

interior designers and clients,

Spencer may undertake the entire interior fit-out,

from engineering to the production and  manufacturing drawings;

from the initial design concept to its realization,

installation and managing all the subcontractor on-site.

Offshore & Tech

Spencer Contract - Offshore & Tech

Spencer architectural and technical departments rely on decades of experience when designing offshore facilities.


Our expertise ranges from feasibility studies for the refurbishment

of older living quarters to designing entirely new facilities, carrying out interior outfitting on many offshore platforms.


This involves designing the living and working areas in a way that combines functionality, comfort and protection from fire and noise.

Spencer delivers and installs interiors for any offshore facilities worldwide, such as accommodation, technical rooms and engine rooms, kitchens and furnishings for living quarters on offshore drilling platforms.

Our extensive tradition in the marine industry allow us we make sure that the interiors realized comply to the highest quality and technical standards, whilst also granting a welcoming environment, enjoyable working atmosphere and high quality technical features.

Our process involves engineering, planning, production, delivering and installation of comprehensive solutions for offshore purposes.